Expedition Radio

Need a radio operator?

You can hire me on a contract basis to set-up and manage radio communications for NGOs and various expeditions. Whatever ranges and capabilities you need, I can probably help you. I am most familiar with portable operations using military and civilian HF gear, which I do own. I can implement various digital modes including email, voice, and Morse code (CW) in most environments without the use of grid power.

I am also familiar with repeater operations on VHF/UHF including DMR commercial radios for local to regional communications ranges.

I hold an FCC Amateur Extra Class license, French amateur call sign and aviation plus marine radio operator license. I am willing to study and get any other required license given enough notice. I have built, aligned and maintained my own radios from kits, some using surface-mount components. I build antennas as a hobby, verticals, horizontals, beams, magnetic loops and other more exotic aerials.

My passport is always up to date. Please contact me soon enough to set-up required licensing agreements with countries you will be operating from if you do not have them already, as this can take months...